Stocks Post Modest Gains for the Week As Hiring Remains Robust

Major stock indices ended the week with modest gains.  Friday saw stocks vacillate between gains and losses as the U.S. posted robust hiring in July.  While hiring is good for growth it may cause the FED to hike rates faster to combat inflation.  The U.S. has finally reached employment levels previously reached just prior to […]

Stocks Have a Strong Week Amid Much News

Major stock indices ended the week with strong gains.  It was a busy week for economic news, earnings and legislation. The Federal Reserve met and chose to raise short term interest rates by 0.75%.  The FED chose not to give forward guidance which led to speculation that the FED could slow rate hikes at their […]

The ECB Says Farewell to Negative Interest Rates and Earnings Drive Stock Prices

Stock prices were moved mainly by 2nd quarter earnings.  Most major stocks indices ended with modest gains, with only emerging markets ending down.   The European Central Bank hiked short term interest rates for the first time since 2011.  The ECB’s key short term interest rate went from -0.5% to 0.00%.  The Euro currency rose 0.7% […]

Modest Gains for Stock Indices as Hiring Remains Strong

Most major stock indices ended the week with modest gains, with only developed international stocks ending lower.  Stocks rallied on Wednesday and Thursday on optimism that lower gasoline prices may help bring down inflation.  However, inventories of crude oil and gasoline remain low and prices may head higher in the next couple of months.  On […]